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A-Z of frequently asked questions

Administration fees - Are there any administration fees? 
The vast majority of our offers do not attract any fees or additional charges of any kind. However, if there is a fee involved this will clearly stated in the offer and on the quotation.

Bad credit - I have a bad credit rating, what do I do? 
If you aren't sure what your credit status is then it would be best to check with one or more of the various Credit Reference Agencies.

Business or Personal Contract? - What are the advantages of leasing the car through a business rather than privately? 
The main advantage of leasing a car through your business is that you can claim some of the VAT back on the monthly rentals and there may be additional tax advantages which will benefit your company.

Buying the car - Can I buy the car at the end of the contract? 
Normally at the end of the lease the car is returned to the Leasing Company. However, depending on which Leasing Company, it may be possible to buy it, but this is quite unusual.

Changing the car - Can I change the car part way through the contract? 
You are contracted to keep the car for the full length of the agreement. However, it is sometimes possible to change your car earlier but an early termination fee will apply. This is normally about 50% of the outstanding rentals.

Changing the mileage - Can I amend the mileage part way through the contract?
The mileage can usually be amended on a contract hire agreement during the term of the agreement, but there are some exceptions. The rental will change in accordance with any such amendments.

Damage to the car - What if the car or van is damaged by the user? 
If the damage falls outside the fair wear and tear guidelines, then you are obliged to have the damage repaired. Otherwise you will be charged for the repair after the car has been collected at the end of the lease agreement. Fair wear and tear guidelines are in the contract and are governed by the British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association (BVRLA) and are very reasonable.

Delivery - Is delivery included in the leasing price? 
The vast majority of car leasing deals include delivery to a UK mainland address of your choice.

Documents - What documents do I need to take out a lease? 
The Leasing Company will produce documents for signature. You will also need to provide a copy of your driving licence and possibly some additional identity proof such as a utility bill.

Early termination - Can the contract be terminated early? 
The contract can be terminated early with an early termination penalty, typically half of the remaining rentals at date of termination.

End of contract - What happens at the end of the contract? 
The vehicle is handed back to the finance company and you are free to start afresh or move on elsewhere. However, you may be able to extend the contract or buy the car.

Exceeding the contract mileage - What happens if I do more than the contracted total mileage? 
Every lease car (or van) contract has an ‘excess mileage’ price, therefore should you exceed your agreed total mileage, any additional mileage would be charged at this rate. e.g. excess pence per mileage rate = 5p per mile. 1000 miles over the total contract mileage would be charged at £50.00 + VAT = £60.00. The finance company will invoice you after your lease car is returned.

Insurance - Is vehicle insurance included in the leasing price? 
Unfortunately insurance is not included. All lease cars must be insured comprehensively by the lessee (the customer).

Maintenance - Is maintenance included? 
No, not unless you choose to include what is called a ‘maintenance package’ in with the price of your lease. This generally covers all car servicing and any wear and tear items which need replacing (excluding damage). It also normally covers tyres for fair wear and tear but not always for punctures or damage inflicted by driver error.

Minimum contract period - Is there a minimum contract term? 
The majority of contracts are over two, three and sometimes four years, however we do have periodic twelve or eighteen month special offers available. As previously mentioned, in some circumstances, the contract can be extended from the originally planned term.

MOT - Will an MOT be required for the lease car? 
An MOT is only required on any car after a three year period. Therefore, unless your lease term exceeds a three year period, you will not need to obtain a MOT certificate.

Name on the contract - Can the driver be different to the name on the contract? 
Yes, for example if you are a parent or a partner etc and you would like to lease for someone else to drive that is fine. Provided they are fully insured there won't be a problem. However, we are not able to lease if the car will be used as a taxi, hired out etc.

Ownership of the vehicle - Who owns the vehicle? 
On both Business Contract Hire and Personal Contract Hire the finance company is the legal owner of the car. The finance company the lease is with will record the customer/business as the keeper of the vehicle on their internal records for the lease term. If you require further clarity on this question, please call us and we will be happy to explain in more detail.

Parking or Speeding Fines - Who pays for any Parking or Speeding fines? 
Since the car is registered to the funder rather than to yourself, they are likely to receive any parking and speeding notifications. They will pay for these on your behalf and recharge the cost of the fine to you.

Part Exchanges - Can I part exchange my current car? 
We can't actually part exchange your car against a Lease Contract, however, we are happy to provide you with a trade valuation to possibly purchase through one of our Dealers, but this is not guaranteed.

Payment Profiles - What is meant by 3+23 on a two year contract or 3+35 on a three year car leasing agreement?
Car leasing rentals are usually calculated over a two or three year term. Deals are advertised as 3+23 or 3+35 contracts. The ‘3’ stands for 3 payments in advance, then the +23 or the +35 equates to the quantity of further payments you will pay throughout the contract term. You will also see deals advertised for comparison on different payments profiles, for example 6+23 and 6+35. This allows customers to see other options available. Some customers prefer to pay a higher payment at the front of the lease, which in turn reduces the ongoing monthly rental amount. Other profiles are available including lump sums, for example £2000 plus VAT etc.

Personalised Registration Plates - Can a Personalised Registration number be applied to a lease car? 
Yes. However, this can delay delivery because of the process involved. If you have a personalised number plate please talk to us and we will give you the options on how to deal with this.

Rental payments - How are the rentals collected? 
Rentals are collected via direct debit on a monthly basis. Your initial monthly rental is usually (but not always) collected by direct debit at the same time as delivery of the vehicle or just after. The variation depends on the Leasing Company.

Road Fund Licence - Is Road Tax included in the lease price? 
Yes, Road Fund License is included for the full contract duration on 99% of contracts.

Servicing - If the car needs a service or tyres what do I do? 
If the lease is a 'non maintained' contract the car will need to be serviced at a main dealer of your choice and you will need to pay for this separately. Contracts including maintenance are available which effectively spread the cost of the maintenance over the term of the lease, normally including replacement tyres.

Taxis & Driving Instructors - Can Taxi Drivers or Driving Instructors lease a vehicle? 
The offers on our website are for private individuals and companies who would not use the vehicles for hire and reward. We do have specialist finance in place for all the above businesses. Please get in touch with us for more information

Tow Bars - Can a Tow Bar be fitted to the vehicle? 
Yes, various accessories like tow bars and roof racks can be fitted to your vehicle, and can be included in your monthly rental. However, only Leasing Company and/or Manufacturer approved accessories are permitted and must be fitted prior to delivery.

Travelling abroad - Can the vehicle be taken abroad for a holiday or on business? 
Yes, of course. With a few exceptions, almost all leased cars can be driven in Europe. However, you will need to notify the funder and arrange for them to send you a completed DVLA VE103 form as proof of their authority to take a leased vehicle abroad. The funder may charge a small administration fee for this process. We will be happy to guide you through the process.

VAT - Why is VAT payable on the rentals? 
All new UK vehicles are subject to VAT. When you take out a Contract Hire agreement the VAT is spread across the monthly rentals. This also makes it easier to work out any VAT that you may be able to reclaim if the lease is through a business.

Warranty - Are Lease vehicles covered by normal warranty? 
Yes. All brand new lease cars come with the standard manufacturer warranty supplied at main dealer level.