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Why should I use the services of a Leasing Broker?

Equally importantly, why should I trust the services of a leasing broker? 

And why lease anyway? 

Three very good and important questions which we will attempt to answer here. 

Using the services of a leasing broker has many benefits. You’ll be able to talk to them about any make or model of car or van, not just one make, or a few. But you have to find one that will guide and advise you, with patience & knowledge. A car leasing broker will have access to many dealers, funders & offers. It is, therefore, the task of a good leasing broker to offer competitive deals, whilst at the same time locating ‘difficult to find’ vehicles. 

Equally important is that the broker can answer all sorts of questions, provide a quick, responsive service & take the customer on the journey of the transaction, from initial enquiry, all the way through to delivery of the vehicle – and beyond! So yes, using a good broker’s services is an excellent way to navigate to the vehicle you desire – and you don’t have to move from the comfort of your home to complete the whole process! 

A good leasing broker will understand the needs and concerns of the customer wishing to lease a car or van. Some customers are, quite simply, daunted by what leasing actually entails. Questions like….Why do you have to pay VAT? What is a payment profile? And what happens at the end of the contract, particularly if considering this type of funding option for the first time! 

Trust is easy for any service provider to talk about and promise, but not necessarily quite so easy to demonstrate &, ultimately, convince a potential client to take what may seem like a ‘leap of faith’. So customer reviews are important in creating the feeling that you’re in the right hands! 

We at car-brokers have just recently partnered with Trustpilot, so we’ve only got a couple of reviews here at the moment. But if you click on the Customer Feedback tab at the top of the page you will see reviews by plenty of satisfied customers! 

A leasing broker is normally not the actual funder, the broker is the facilitator and interface between the dealer, the finance company & the customer. We just pull it all together for you, making your life as easy as possible, creating a natural and seamless process, from start to finish. 

Finally, why lease a vehicle anyway? It’s probably easy for us to say as we live and breathe vehicles and vehicle funding, but put simply, leasing is really very straightforward. As somebody once famously said (and he knew a thing or two about money) ‘If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it’ It is commonly known that vehicles depreciate from the moment they leave the dealer showroom. Why would you want to own a depreciating asset? 

You simply decide on the car or van you require, or give us some ideas around vehicle type and budget (we will help you with this) and basically you pay a fixed monthly payment for an agreed period at a pre agreed total mileage. The key to leasing is to seek out the offers, because these are the manufacturer and funder supported deals that basically make the cost less! Then at the conclusion of the contract, the leasing company collects the vehicle from you and you start again. There are no variables, unless you go over contract mileage, or hand the vehicle back in a condition that is not commensurate with its age and mileage. You simply insure it, fuel it, drive it and enjoy it! And if you’re a VAT registered business, you can even claim back half the VAT on the rental (100% reclaimable on the service rental should you decide upon this option). 

The other significant benefit of leasing is that you’ll normally be able to drive a better vehicle than you would under alternative funding arrangements, such as HP or PCP. This is why you can often get premium brands and models for much less than you otherwise might have imagined! The simple fact is, all vehicles depreciate (OK, some classic cars or absolute top end sports cars might buck that trend!) It’s just that some vehicles depreciate less than others – and this is very much reflected in what’s called the ‘residual value’ (what a vehicle is predicted to be worth at the end of the contract), thus reducing the cost to the customer. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful and informative. But more advice and help is at hand, either via the various tabs on our website or talking us on Freephone 0800 779 7578 or email

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